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The mandates of the DHRM is to ensure a high quality and result oriented Human Resources in the MLGRD i.e. to foster and sustain a high quality, result oriented, accountable and transparent human resources in this Ministry through systematic development and implementation of sound HRM, strategies and practices in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


Strategic outcome:

The Strategic Outcome which the Directorate is pursuing is to provide: Improved HRM and Development systems for the Ministry and Councils.


Core Functions

  • The management of conditions of services and establishment control
  • The planning and development of human resources
  • The management of human resource management information system and payroll.


 Game Changers activities of HR Directorate:

  • Facilitate the opening of bank accounts for all chiefs especially the lower cadres i.e. Village Headmen (VHs) and Group Village Headmen (GVHs); and
  • Undertake coaching and mentoring of Human Resources (HR) personnel in the councils;
  • Facilitate acceleration of filling of key critical positions in local authorities (directors positions, procurement officer, internal auditor, road engineers/superintendent and chief economist and economist; and incorporating direct employees);
  • Coordinate induction course for both newly installed and old chiefs.


Achievements Made

Appointments and promotions

  • Facilitate the opening of bank accounts for all chiefs especially the lower cadres
  • The Ministry through LGSC facilitated rationalization exercise to identify vacant posts and how they can be filled. The MLGRD facilitated requests for funds from Treasury to fill vacancies in headship posts for Councils but inadequate funds have been provided. In some cases, GoM has granted authority to fill the posts for vacancies occurring within the same financial year
  • Facilitated Functional review, conditions of service and  filling of vacant post for NLGFC to merge LDF and NLGFC
  • Facilitate acceleration of filling of key critical positions in local authorities (Phase I now doing phase ii). Strengthened coordination of the Ministry by reviewing the establishment and filling senior vacant posts of Directors and Deputy Directors, Chief Officers and filling the posts of DC’s and CEOs for Councils. All the 28 DCs signed the letters for seeking of authority.

Discipline and grievance handling

  • Issued circular to all councils to urge them as Controlling Officers for the Councils to resolve the teachers’ grievances on arrears and promotions expeditiously. They were required to update the teachers’ files and compile their documents by liaising with the MoEST, work with the National Audit Office to verify the arrears claims, liaise the Treasury office for authority to pay, provide information to the DHRMD for processing payroll, and liaise with the Accountant General.
  • Processed disciplinary cases of DCs and CEOs and staff of the Ministry headquarters. Submitted recommendations and sought the direction of the Attorney General on Court Cases concerning staff and resolved grievances for staff.

Pay roll management

  • This MLGRD devolved payroll to Councils. The Ministry also facilitated devolution of payment of chiefs’ honoraria to Councils. The MLGRD advised all Councils to implement chiefs’ payment for their Chief under their Councils in order to speed up the payment processes. And also for easy monitoring of the processes
  • Facilitated timely payment of salaries and advances by  implementing circular for revision of salaries in the Civil Service 

Performance Management

  • Facilitated drafting and administration of contracts for Chief Executive Officers for City Councils and Commissioners of LGSC.  The Directorate also facilitated performance appraisal for the Ministry’s staff.

Policy development and guidance

  • Guided Councils on how to draft and produce staff terms and conditions of service
  • Issued  internal circular on observation of working hours
  • Issued circular on Council Operated Advance accounts and consolidated requests for seed money from Councils
  • Provided policy advice on payment of chiefs honoraria through council payroll by issuing a circular directing councils to open special account and bank account for chiefs

Termination of service

  • Timely processed documents for termination of service and facilitated timely payment of the benefits by strong liaison with the relevant offices that process the benefits.


  • Undertaken coaching and mentoring of Human Resources (HR) personnel in the councils. Coaching and mentoring on processing of gratuities and pensions done in 28 districts
  • Improved capacity building by securing opportunities for training and facilitated training of staff for short and long training courses in training institutions within and outside Malawi.
  • Enhanced capacity building by conducting Orientations for Appointments and Disciplinary Committees and Council staff and Council HR Committees on  HR matters


Key Challenges affecting HRM

  • Inadequate monitoring and development of capacity of Council HR staff due to resource challenges;
  • Delayed processing of gratuities by council staff due to lack of knowledge on procedures;
  • Delayed adoption and adaption of model conditions of service for staff serving in councils; and Despite having relevant guidelines and procedures for managing human resources most Councils continue to refer human resource issues to the Ministry. Councils need orientation on the Guidelines.


Future Plans

The Directorate will apply the following measures in order to handle the challenges highlighted above:-

  • Conduct orientation on how to implement HRM for council staff for Council to fully embrace
  • On critical vacancy situation the directorate will be engaging the relevant offices for consideration to fill the vacancies in view of the freeze on recruitment by GoM and inadequate office accommodation.
  • Continue reminding Councils to apply relevant Council guidelines and procedures for managing HR and not refer human resource issues
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