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The Directorate of Administration exists to ensure efficient performance of all departments within this Ministry. This is done by coordinating, providing and managing administrative services in an efficient, effective and fiscally prudent manner to support the main functions of this Ministry.

Core Functions

Among other functions the Directorate is charged with the responsibility to: -

  • Provide and ensure that the office has adequate logistics to ensure smooth operations; such logistics include vehicle, fuel and stationery. The Directorate ensures proper maintenance of vehicles and adheres to laid down government regulations regarding purchase, storage and their disposal.
  • Ensure proper office accommodation for Officers at all levels and carries out office maintenance wherever necessary.
  • provide support staff to provide administrative services, such staff include Drivers, Messengers and security personnel and Auditing personnel
  • Provide procurement services and disposal of obsolete items and equipment to ensure optimal use of government resources. It ensures offices have the right working equipment and does update office inventory and asset register from time to time.

Game Changer activities:

  • Facilitate devolution of assets to the councils;
  • Facilitate development of functional asset registers;
  • Digitalize of all the Ministry’s and the councils’ records; and
  • Strengthen Internal Procurement and Disposal of Assets Committee (IPDC) and procurement units in the councils.

Status of Administration issues in the Ministry

  • Support services: The Directorate has drivers, messengers and administrative staff (officers at AO and above) to ably provide administrative services. The Administrative Directorate does from time to time have meetings with selected cross section of staff such as messengers and drivers to continuously sensitize them on desirable professional conduct and work ethics.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: The Ministry has a large vehicle fleet and large percentage of the fleet which are not in good condition. Due to funds limitations vehicle maintenance has not been carried out regularly resulting in complete grounding off of some vehicles.
  • Updating of Inventory and Asset Register: All office assets held in various offices at the Ministry were registered and listed. The assets include computers, printers, office furniture, filing cabinets and related items.
  • Devolution of Assets to Local Authorities: Following the decentralisation of Local Government functions from the central government to local council there is need to also devolve assets to such authorities. The MLGRD is working with other relevant stakeholders to ensure that all assets are devolved.


Key Challenges Affecting Administration

Inadequate financial resources: This has crippled most of the Directorate operations. The funds are mainly required to carry our vehicle and office maintenance and to train some of its staff such as drivers and messengers who lack basic work skills and ethics.

Inadequate office accommodation: This problem needs an urgent and serious high level intervention. The MLGRD is such a big Ministry that if requires adequate space to ably accommodate its officers.  The Directorate will endeavour to constantly engage all the relevant authorities for a long term solution.

Outstanding arrears (payment) of over MK50 million from various garages and other service providers under the recurrent budget and

Transport and mobility problems, there are 29 vehicles of which 20 runners and most of them are very old and are associated with high maintenance costs

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