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The Vision of the Ministry of Local Governmentis ‘high quality, efficient and effective local government system’.

Its Mission is ‘to promote and accelerate local governance, participatory democracy thereby attaining socio-economic development and social stability of the Councils.’

The strategic objectives of the Ministry include the following: -

  1. To provide policy and legal framework for the efficient and effective operations of the Councils.

  2. To promote an effective system of local governance and development.

  3. To promote and provide policy direction on rural development in Malawi.

  4. To promote socio-economic development of the rural communities.

The Ministry is therefore, critical in the delivery of the country’s development agenda because it is at the centre of coordination and facilitation of the delivery of all rural livelihoods and empowerment programmes aimed at improving the welfare of all the Malawians, especially those living in rural communities. Furthermore, it anchors the Local Government System that supports local governments to effectively deliver quality services, rural development agenda (government micro projects and programmes) to accelerate socioeconomic development of the districts. It is key to the improvement of the living standards of the rural poor and ensuring their active participation in the fight against poverty.

The Ministry has seven directorates as follows:-

  1. Directorate of Local Government Services

  2. Directorate of Rural Development

  3. Directorate of Chiefs Administration

  4. Directorate of Finance

  5. Directorate of Administration

  6. Directorate of Human Resources Management and Development; and

  7. Directorate of Planning.

The Directorate of Finance, Planning, Administration and Human Resources Management and Development have been created recently and are yet to be fully operationalised.


The current vision for the Ministry is “To promote and accelerate local governance, participatory democracy, and socio-economic development of the districts”.

Mission Statement

The mission of MLGRD is to promote and develop local governance and participatory democracy by creating an environment conducive for socio-economic development and the socio stability of the districts.

To achieve its mission, the Ministry is mandated to perform the following functions:-

  • The coordination and facilitation of accelerated local governance and social stability of District councils

  • The coordination and facilitation of socio-economic development of rural areas

  • The provision of Internal Audit Services

  • The provision of finance and administrative services.




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